Social Media for the Transgender Community

We have built a full Social media network for fans of Tgirls and the Transgender models themselves. We are not sure exactly what this will turn out to be. I guess it will depend on the type of people that the community will attract. While we will not be censoring the content our hopes is that it will become so much more than just another porn website. So, why a transgender community?

The fascination with Tgirl models is a strong one. Even nowadays when the world is doing it’s best to be more understanding of human rights in general it is still rare to see a transgender person walking down the street. I guess this of course depends on where you live but you get the idea. I mean if you are a single male and you are looking for a female companion you could walk into a grocery store and without even trying run into the woman of your dreams. When was the last time you walked into a store and saw the Transgender Woman of your dreams? Much less likely to happen.

Unfortunately most of the world still views Tgirls and Cross Dressers as something 100% to do with sex. There is absolutely no shortage or very curious males who are willing to have sex with a Tgirl. There is however a major shortage of men who would be willing to walk arm in arm with that same Tgirl or Cross Dresser down the street in their hometown. While we have no doubt come a long way we still have a long way to go.

Our main hope is simply that you all get along and are respectful of others in the community. We will be adding to the list of features that you can do with our Transgender Community but it is a pretty powerful tool already. Here are some of the main features:

  • Personal Activity Posting
  • Following AND Friending
  • Private Messaging
  • Media Uploading
  • Bookmarking (favorites)
  • Animated Gif’s
  • Interaction with other Social Media Platforms
  • and the list literally goes on and on
  • Be Kind | Be Respectful | Be YOURSELF